how to polish polyurethane wood floors

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hardwood floor maintenance is simple. ... do not clean the floor with furniture polish, vinegar, ammonia, pine cleaners, ... never wax a polyurethane floor! you're...【Get Price】

4 steps to a perfect polyurethane finish - wood magazine

with your workpiece wiped clean, apply stain, photo below. ... prepare the polyurethane by reducing it about 10 percent with mineral spirits, unless you're using...【Get Price】

how to apply polyurethane to wood floors | 2019 diy guide & tips

may 2, 2018 ... would you? polyurethane acts as a shield for your wood floors. ... when it comes time to clean-up, all you'll need is soap and water. this type of...【Get Price】

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maintenance of your polyurethane-coated hardwood flooring should include ... white vinegar, or glass cleaners heavily diluted with water to clean your flooring.【Get Price】

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sep 24, 2014 ... let's start with rule #1 of proper hardwood floor maintenance: wood and ... just as effectively as any floor sander, so clean any dirt and grit off the floor as ... kits are great and are made for polyurethane-coated hardwood floors.【Get Price】

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clean up spills before they turn into stains or damage the finish. for stubborn ... one of the biggest enemies to a hardwood floor's urethane finish coat is grit. sand, dirt and ... even low tack tape will have a chemical reaction with polyurethane!【Get Price】

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apr 13, 2016 ... the former means you have a polyurethane finish which is more durable and easy to clean, while the latter is an unfinished hardwood flooring...【Get Price】

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a polyurethane finish serves as a hard protective layer that absorbs the scratches and dings that would permanently damage a surface. with each scratch or...【Get Price】

how to properly buff a second coat of urethane on hardwood floors

hardwood floors add a level of elegance to a home with their rich color and natural grain. ... supplying the mop head and floor with a generous amount of polish will ... the basics of wood floor finishes · hammer zone: applying polyurethane...【Get Price】

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how do you keep your wood floors clean and shiny? ... a: if an oil based cleaner is used on polyurethane finished floors, it leaves an oily residue on the surface...【Get Price】

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i love my shiny gloss refinished hardwood floors but a bit anxious about using ... sure they look clean and still retain a shine after water/vinegar but i love an ... you probably have some kind of polyurethane finish on your floor...【Get Price】

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feb 24, 2012 ... maple polyurethane wood floors need to be cleaned in a very specific way. find out how to clean maple polyurethane wood floors with help...【Get Price】

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apr 3, 2017 ... applying a polyurethane finish on wood can deliver amazingly smooth results. you just need to ... the more you polish, the shinier the results.【Get Price】