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feb 27, 2018 ... we purchased a house in 2014 with a boundary fence which behind as a strip ... our deeds have the t on the disputed side in our neighbours...【Get Price】

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i just bought this house a few months ago and i really don't want to be the bad guy ..... i have a neighbor who has build a fence on my property on the side i had a...【Get Price】

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apr 20, 2017 ... wood picket fencing could be placed at the front of the home, for ... specify the better-looking side of a fence (the side that doesn't show posts...【Get Price】

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see more ideas about fence doors, garden gates and garden. ... cottage exterior entry perhaps for a secret garden or side yard pool etc etc spanish house...【Get Price】

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when it comes to disputes over fence ownership it's best to know who owns the fence on both the right and left side. we break it down for you. see inside.【Get Price】

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i live in a terraced house with a wall separating my garden with my neighbours on one side and a fence on the other. who is responsible for maintaining them?【Get Price】

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oct 12, 2017 ... it's not a bad idea to check with the estate agent, landlord or previous property owner about garden fence responsibility before you buy a house...【Get Price】

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boundaries are normally to the left of your property,so if the fence as you look out .... i have one property were it is the left hand side as you view the house and...【Get Price】

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oct 22, 2017 ... so, what are your rights when a new dividing fence needs to be put... ... children and pets you're happy for them to have in the yard, but not in the house. ... has the option of building an ugly fence on his side of the property.【Get Price】

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mar 18, 2009 ... ... and education constructing your own fence can be a breeze. learn the basics of building a fence from the experts at the home depot. ...【Get Price】

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if you have grass and mow the area directly up against the fence but your neighbor allows the weeds to grow on his/her side, then you own the fence by...【Get Price】

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jun 2, 2017 ... it's a good idea to check your house's plat, which is a ding that maps out ... certain kinds of fences have a finished side or a good side that...【Get Price】

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jan 31, 2018 ... often when fences are being built, people put the side with no fence posts ... the deeds to your house usually outline where your boundary...【Get Price】

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for instance, there are also cases with semi-detached houses where the boundary house wall is...【Get Price】

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is it true that every house owns the fence on its left side, as you look at it from the ... fences, appearance of: must the smooth side of my neighbour's fence face...【Get Price】

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6 days ago ... a fence where the posts are supported on one side would be the .... to other side of my house and putting all his rubbish towards my house wall...【Get Price】

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jul 29, 2018 ... while there is a saying that good fences make good neighbours, fences ... for by looking at other properties along the same side of the street.【Get Price】

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we're all used to seeing fences around gardens of individual houses but in ... contrary to popular belief, there's no rule that says the fences on the left side of...【Get Price】

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and on the other side, the neighbors' new master includes a ... they create a one-of-a-kind privacy fence softened by shrubs in front and a feathery tree...【Get Price】

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study your house line ding or plat or order a new survey ($500 to $1,000) ... fence companies usually install a foot inside the line, to be on the safe side.【Get Price】

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often, they have been lost in the many times their property has changed hands over the years, or assumed to be consistent with existing fences or landscape...【Get Price】

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jan 12, 2018 ... should the fence run along the property line? where should the gate go on the side of the house? these are answers we look for during the...【Get Price】