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same example as above in past tense: i lay down yesterday for a nap. same example as above ..... the things were laying on the floor. or the things were lying...【Get Price】

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jun 11, 2019 ... lay is a transitive verb that requires and object to act upon, while lie is intransitive and describes something moving on its own. read more to...【Get Price】

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the verbs to lie and to lay have very different meanings. simply put, to lie means to rest, to assume or be situated in a horizontal position, and to lay means to...【Get Price】

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find man lying on floor stock images in hd and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the shutterstock collection. thousands of...【Get Price】

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oct 4, 2016 ... lie the book on the table or lay the book on the table? ... the salesperson asked steve to lay his shoes on the floor before trying the mattress.【Get Price】

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yesterday, he lay in bed all day. i lay on the floor last week and you didn't say anything. lie (past tense lied) means to say something untrue. don't lie to me.【Get Price】

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to lay is to set (or otherwise place) something in a resting position. here are a few examples of lay in a sentence. i don't like to lay my purse on the floor.【Get Price】

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the verb lay means 'to put something down carefully in a flat position'. it must have an ... a wonderful wooden floor has been laid in the dining room. not: floor...【Get Price】

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you may want to layer, liedown for this. ... in other words, lay takes a direct object, and lie does not. ... lay: she laid the blanket on the floor when i asked.【Get Price】

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they laid the groundwork. she had laid careful plans. the past tense of lie is lay and the past participle is lain. he lay on the floor. she had lain on the bed...【Get Price】

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sep 30, 2010 ... lester ellis lays on the floor in front of a wall full of trophies. ... these are intransitive occurrences of lay that every english teacher and every...【Get Price】

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learn when to use lay, when to use lie, and how to remember with some great examples. ... he lay on the floor this morning before the school bus came. correct.【Get Price】

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the verb "to lay" means to place something in a particular position. on the other hand, ... you should lie flat on the floor to stretch your sore muscles. i am lying in...【Get Price】

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the verb 'laying' means 'putting something somewhere'. the verb 'lying' means .... a crunch begins with lying face up on the floor with knees bent. he phones...【Get Price】

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'lay' is transitive, requires an object, and is used when placing something on something else (bricks, eggs, babies, carpets). 'lie' is intransitive...【Get Price】

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lay is a transitive verb, meaning that there is always an object after it. (lay the book ... lie/lay: i lie [not lay] on the floor when i watch television. i lay my keys on...【Get Price】

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